Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last Tuesday, we had a big management team meeting. It was very inspirational and really got me fired up about possibilities for where our company is headed! That night my head was swirling with ideas! The company that I works for is really open to creativity. They are not afraid to try new things. The owner is a BIG IDEA person. She is not afraid to throw out a crazy idea and see how it goes. I could see the wheels in everyone's heads starting to spin and the sparks of inspiration going off.! I love it!

The one thing that really had me thinking was MONEY. I like money. I know it is a motivator. I like getting paid. Yet, would I still do this job if I wasn't paid? Honestly, Yes! While I am glad that I get paid. Ok,really glad! Money is not the main motivator. That's not what gets me up and out of bed each morning.

What does get me up and out in the morning? Phrases like this:
                         * That was a good book!
                         * Can we read it again?
                         * Lets sit down, Ms. Emily has stories for us (Said by a 3.5 year old)
                         * Thanks for bringing all this cool stuff! (Said by a Scrapbooking club participant)
                         * You are good cook! Your cupcakes are good! (Said by a 5 year old scrapbook cluber)
                         * Can I have a  hug?
                         * Can you read another book? (Melts my heart said by any kid?)
                         * You smell nice!
                         * You have a very comfy lap
                         * Shake, Shake, Shake your booty! Look, Ms. Emily is shaking her booty! (Said by a 3 year old...seriously...No joke) 
                         * Thank you!
                         * Your funny! ( Glad that someone else thinks so!)

I've had jobs that were all about the money. Yet, I felt like I was compromising myself. I need to be fulfilled.  I need to know that I'm actually making a difference in the world. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about volunteerism. Seeing all the pictures and videos coming out of Haiti have rocked me to my core. How can this be someplace on earth in the year 2010? It really feels surreal.  I feel helpless. I want to help in some way. A donation to the Red Cross and a package of water just doesn't seem like enough. I want to do more! I believe with all my heart that small acts of kindness can add up and truly do make a difference.

I am jumping on the Word of the Year bandwagon. Check here and here for more information! Resolutions are easy to break. By now most people have already forgotten their New Years Resolutions. In choosing a word of the year it gives me something "BIG" to go for this year. More of a purpose!

My word for the year is GIVE

Give  (gv)
v. gave (gv), giv·en (gvn), giv·ing, gives
1. To make a present of:
2. To convey by a physical action:
      3.To bestow, especially officially; confer:
      4.To devote or apply completely:
      5.To devote or contribute:


  1. Your chosen word speaks of one thing...and that is an open and generous heart.

  2. Out of all the words I've heard, this one is the best. Great choice.

    My word will be "Butterworth." As in the "Mrs." variety. Take that, maple! :)

  3. i like the word of the year thing. neat! i don't know if i can narrow it down to one word...i should think about it.